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Hello From Within:
Expressive Arts Therapy Session for Therapists

For MHPs to take some time out for themselves, with the idea of looking within, sitting with themselves in creative ways through expressive arts & experiencing a sense of community. The idea is to explore modalities like art, writing, movement & storytelling to connect with self and other professionals.

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  • 21st April, 2024 (Sun)

  • 11 am - 2pm (with two short breaks in between)

  • East of Kailash, New Delhi

  • Fee per person: 1,500 INR

  • All materials required will be provided

  • Maximum seats: 10

P.s. You don't need to be an artist, dancer, musician or even inclined towards the arts to attend this workshop.

Meet the Facilitator

Counseling Psychologist, Expressive Arts Therapist


Hi! I am Dakshita, an Expressive Arts Therapist. 
A small disclaimer- Expressive Arts doesn't translate into random art activities. Rather these are well curated & crafted activities for the client that are facilitated keeping in mind our training for the same. I have done my training from UNESCO CID.
I view Expressive Arts like a colourful bag that is playing a supportive role in the therapy room for all ages. (Yes, it's not just restricted to children). 
The different mediums like visual arts, movement, psychodrama or music allow us to express ourselves in ways other than just words and play a big role in the working through as well. It may facilitate in getting comfortable with oneself, one's body and surroundings and sometimes can be the missing link that we've been looking for.

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