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limelightinG STORIES

Limelighting Life Stories is our initiative to reach out to people and share their life experiences.

This helps us to present different perspectives and takes on life and its happenings.


"My greatest learning has been that there will always be a lot of unlearning and relearning to do. Last year around this time, I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. I was..

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One thing I learned the hard way this year is that it's absolutely crucial to mingle with a lot of people. Facing different situations with different people, or similar situations..

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The idea of living an independent life has been romanticized a lot. I live in a comfy studio condo in one of the busiest and exciting locations of the world far from where I was...

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There is a woman in my dreams, who cried softly every night

Lying with me, all helpless she was, I fell in love with her under the blanket..

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For the longer part of my life, I’ve mostly been a loner. Despite my friends circle being moderately large, I’ve been described as an introvert who is.. 

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As I sat in the car, I took a last glance at my house before the engine started. My heart started beating rapidly as I took a long drive down the memory lane. When I opened..

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We get a lot of compliments on being together for 6 years and how it must have been luck that we were able to find somebody like each other. What a lot of people don’t realize is..

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This year I had to drop out of post-graduate college due to technical difficulties with the admission procedure. Despite being selected into another university, I decided to let go as..

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I am (fill in your name) ___________

I am a special person!

I was created with love!

I do not need to look like or act like anyone else!..

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Internalizing Hurt

Often when someone offends me, or when I feel offended and conflict ensues, I naturally start looking for reasons as to why I am right or why that person..

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The moment dad is pronounced dead, I see myself make a choice – either I let the heavy darkness creep in and permeate my mind and body or.. 

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I haven't dated anyone for almost over a decade now. I was in school back then, so I feel quite archaic even mentioning it. The funny part is.. 

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Yes, we are faced with a never-seen-before event. Yes, this new virus has affected all of us, though not in equal measure. Yes, it has led to..

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I shifted to a new city on 1st March and before I could settle in, the quarantine happened. So I'm spending this quarantine by just making ..

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What started as a distant threat somewhere in China quickly struck home here in Vancouver, Canada. Streets are deserted and vibrant university campuses have.. 

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In 2017, around the end of my counseling sessions for my just then diagnosed depression, while feeling better about my mental health, I asked my therapist a question..

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This may sound clichéd especially for my age where I've been told by social media and lot many people that partying and taking trips with friends is what I'm missing out..

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What the world sees is a happy smiling confident face but not many know the struggle behind this. A chapter that I never opened up about with the fear of people..

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I was in seventh grade, it was the evening before my SST exam when my hands started shivering. I lost control of my body. Everything around me looked like it was..

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My friend asked me if I wanted to share a part of my life and inspire a few people. I started to think of an incident that everyone could relate to..

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It all started around 18 months ago when I saw my beautiful 70-year old grandmother go about her day by watching television, reading magazines, taking her afternoon nap, having some conversations here..

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I was working with a Technology Education Startup and was really enjoying my work of teaching tech stuff to young kids. It was my dream job and I couldn’t have asked for..

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Life keeps teaching you the same lesson until you learn it. This lesson has certainly been manifested in my life. From wrong relationships to toxic friendships to..

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Wake Up Call


That Single Moment, That One Chance

Swept By time, at one single glance

Each happy memory, paused in my mind..

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Here's a poem I wrote almost 12 years ago, when I was 13.


Only god knows how I survived this phase, literally. I think I wasn't strong..

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I type and then I delete. I repeat this process enough times that I think perhaps I truly have nothing to say and I should probably just let the ladies know..

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Three years ago, I left home in search of happiness and success. I wouldn't lie, I got both in this foreign land, 11,115 Kms away from home. I, a simple girl, passionate..

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Staying at home and doing nothing was the ideal plan after exams. I thought I could have friends over and have a fun time. Instead I am..

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As a professional, I’ve been habitual of following a stringent routine, which for the past few months has rather helped me to thrive at my workplace and at home. But, finally..

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So when the news came out about school not opening I was thrilled at first. But soon I realised I didn’t have much to do. I kept myself busy, met my friends for a couple days..

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