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Collective of Minds

Collective of Minds is an initiative to engage our community by stirring conversations about aspects we deal with on a daily basis infused with creativity, activities and dialogue. We pick up themes on a weekly basis and discuss them in detail in small groups. The primary idea is to make these sessions extremely interactive by sharing, listening and understanding what each of us have to say. We at Limelighting Life Collective believe that conversations are extremely important for they serve as a way for interaction, learning, growth and making changes.

As of now, we have conducted the following sessions under Collection of Minds and have been well received.

  • Getting in your own shoes: Understanding Self care

  • Dear Emotions, I feel you: Exploring Emotions

  • Pets for Mental Health

  • Pause and Reflect 



We had the opportunity to conduct our first workshop in 2019 for the students of the winter internship organised by Youth for Mental Health. With a room full of enthusiastic students, we were able to discuss and dissect the representation of mental health on social media alongside the power that each of us hold to propagate mental health awareness in our differing capacities.

Representation of mental health

on social media

Organised by Youth for Mental Health



Official Outreach Partner for the Global Mental Health Fest'20 Presented by the World Federation for Mental Health in association with GMH@Harvard, Vh1 and The Artidote and Powered by Trijog and Youth for Mental Health. The Global Campaign was joint efforts with partner organizations - the World Health Organization (WHO) and United for Global Mental Health and aimed to encourage a massive scale-up in investment in mental health.

We organised a Collective of Minds session ‘Pets for Mental Health’ in collaboration with Tails and Curls & PawerPups as our Official Support Partners.

Defeating the Odds

We joined hands with Defeating the Odds to have a discussion on ‘Defeating society’s Odd-eology around Mental Health’ through an Instagram live session. Our co-founder and director, Radhika Goel represented our organisation for this discussion. To hear the discussion, click below


We ended the year on a positive note as a Community Brand Partner for The Positivity Winter Camp 2020, organised by Youniverse,  a non-profit organization.

Global MH Fest’20

Pets for Mental Health

For collaborations, please write to us at limelightinglife@gmail.com or contact us below.



Mental health because..

World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on September 10 every year to raise awareness about the (hushed topic) of suicide and the steps that can be taken to prevent it on a bigger scale. We at Limelighting Life Collective believe that mental health is an integral part of our lives as it shapes every aspect of it. This video is our small attempt at highlighting the dire need for mental health and normalising it by removing the stigma that has been attached over the years. Kudos to all the individuals who were a part of our endeavour. 

Video Editing Credits- Abhay Sharda



Interview: Manmarziyaan Magazine

Wellness of the Mind: Rejuvenating our Mental Health with Limelighting Life

Our Founders were interviewed for Manmarziyan magazine about respair and rejuvenating our minds. Radhika & Dakshita shared about their journey, their decision to start a mental health organization, the challenges in doing so and endearing moments that keep them in high spirits.

Political Depression Article

Political Depression: How Bad is India's Politics For Our Mental Health?

CNN News 18 presented us with the opportunity to share our thoughts on Political Depression, published as an article.



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