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Unfiltered days

In the journey of life, we encounter situations that make us think and sometimes leave an indelible imprint in our minds and hearts. Unfiltered days is our effort for engaging individuals by sharing with us what they feel, think and would like to share with others.


Often we feel like doing small things for our loved ones. When these gestures are reciprocated due to obligation, it leaves us feeling deprived of something or can lead to a feeling of “I do so much, but what have you done for me?” This act of playing the victim, often leaves the receiver feeling guilty. It is often difficult to recognise when it’s happening and can even jeopardize relationships.


We often overestimate our importance in others’ life. Once we realise this, do you think that’s when we start to evaluate all the red flags we should have had long time ago.



How do I term the intangible loss I experience at every nook and corner, every time I left behind a significant part of myself. 



Why is there a pressure to look happy all the time? Be happy all the time? Why has this become a measure for understanding one’s state of mind?



When tiredness overcomes you, it’s okay to pause and just be, till you can recuperate and move ahead.



With every sunset I witness, one thing becomes apparent. The fact that the sun will rise and set every single day even when I feel things have become stagnant and will never change.



Sometimes, you just gotta give your loves ones space to heal on their own. Sometimes, that’s how you express love. To just let them be. 



Going back to an old place and wondering if the people you once knew would still remember you. Turns out, a hello from our side makes them glad that we remember them.




Sometimes its comforting to believe things as contrary to how they exist.



We try to fill our empty lives by stocking up the empty spaces around us. 



And sometimes I’d like to get back to being a child. When I knew people weren’t vindictive. Or when I’d be absorbed by my blocks and cars and believe that a happy ending was just around the corner. 



There are days when self care means pushing yourself a little to just get out of bed. 

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