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Limelighting Life Collective

Bringing the mind into the limelight

About Us

Limelighting Life Collective is a mental health organization based in New Delhi. We aspire to bring mental health into the limelight and normalize it as an important part of every individual's life.

Our Objectives

  • Promote awareness about mental health for individuals through psycho-education, workshops, and interactive sessions

  • Provide inclusive, affirmative and safe individual counseling sessions.

  • Work towards de-stigmatization of mental health and sensitize individuals about the role mental health plays in our lives. 

  • Make available professional help resources for accessibility and affordability. 

  • Build a non-judgmental, safe and supportive environment for people to exercise expression and communication. 

  • Create opportunities and encourage learning for people in the field of mental health and psychology.

  • Keep ethical mental health practices as our priority

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Mental Health Resources

Hear from our community

"I'm not writing this because I feel I ought to shower praises on LLC by virtue of working with them for 6 months. This is a very honest message to anyone even mildly curious about this organization. LLC is run by two very sincere, open-minded, and creative women: Dakshita and Radhika. They listen to your ideas with all the respect it merits, encourage you to wield your pen (or keyboard, rather) in your original style, and care deeply about mental health. Don't take my word for it, experience it for yourself and see. Write, ideate, design, or collaborate with them."


Stuti Bagri (She/ her)

Content Writing Intern

(Feb-August 2021)