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Limelighting Life Collective

Bringing the mind into the limelight

About Us

Limelighting Life Collective is a mental health organization based in New Delhi. We aspire to bring mental health into the limelight and normalize it as an important part of every individual's life.

Our Objectives

  • Promote awareness about mental health for individuals through psycho-education, workshops, and interactive sessions

  • Work towards de-stigmatization of mental health and sensitize individuals about the role mental health plays in our lives. 

  • Make available professional help resources for accessibility and affordability. 

  • Build a non-judgmental, safe and supportive environment for people to exercise expression and communication. 

  • Create opportunities and encourage learning for people in the field of mental health and psychology.

  • Keep ethical mental health practices as our priority

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Mental Health Resources

Hear from our community

"Limelighting life collective is truly a platform or a collective that lights ones life ! It has made me self aware, has helped me understand my own mind better and also appreciate every feeling. One often judges oneself and others based on actions. I appreciate my learning’s and am still learning from this platform through the interaction , sessions and social media , that every expression / anger or reactions is okay and normal... one only needs to equip oneself to handle the same with greater calm ! Thank you and all the best for engaging with us!"


—  Anonymous, 43 years