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Abhay Sharda

Lead Marketing & Creative Advisor

He/ him

Abhay is an empathetic filmmaker who wants to create content that contributes to a better society. He strives to make mental health positive films that challenge the existing norms of society. Abhay stays updated with technology, softwares and design ideas to continuously churn his mind and creativity. He is an ardent believer of sustainability and empathy being the driving forces of social, political and technological pursuits of the future and wishes to convey the same through his work.
Abhay is working in digital fields like photography, videography, editing, and graphics. He has worked on various short films, videos and photoshoots, delivering over 40+ projects. He is currently pursuing a screen writing course from FTII. 
Abhay has been associated with Limelighting Life Collective since before the company's inception, and has worked with the team in digital and creative work like the logo, posters and videos.

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