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Terms & Conditions

Workshops & Sessions

  • Online based workshops and sessions are not group and/or therapy sessions. The aim of each session will be explicitly mentioned and will not extend to what is being promised. 

  • Registration fee for any workshop or session is non-refundable. Under certain circumstances, the participant may be given the opportunity to attend a similarly priced workshop. However, the decision to offer this opportunity strictly lies with the organisers and facilitators involved. 

  • Adhering to confidentiality and the nature of the workshops, the sessions will not be recorded or shared (unless required, consent of all people involved will be taken). The decision to share any recording material strictly lies with the organisers and facilitators involved. 

  • All the communication after registering for a workshop will be done via email and/or WhatsApp. Participants must provide correct contact details, failing which, we will not be liable for any consequences. 

  • Certificates for the workshops will be awarded on request only. 

  • All our workshops and sessions are facilitated by qualified mental health professionals.

Internship & Training Programs

The policies will be discussed during the induction periods and a contractual agreement will be signed between both the parties.

Organization Policies

  • We hold the ethics in the profession of mental health and psychology very strictly. Limelighting Life Collective has zero tolerance towards any malpractices or unethical practices occurring in the workplace. 

  • There shall be no discrimination with respect to any person in the organization by reason of their gender identity / expression, race, color, caste, creed, religion, sex, sexual preferences, orientation, national origin, disability, marital or domestic partner status, political affiliation or any other such status, as protected by Law. Limelighting Life Collective will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or discrimination at the work space. If found guilty, the association of the individual shall be terminated with immediate effect without any prior notice.

  • Limelighting Life Collective reserves all rights to the content created by the individuals during and after the association with us. Any breach in this policy will be taken seriously and it may lead to termination of the internship and legal consequences.


  • Kindly note that we are not a crisis intervention center and will not be able to provide immediate assistance during an emergency.  Please contact your local emergency services in case you feel like your or somebody's life is at risk. 

    If you have severe symptoms or have thought about harming self, please seek immediate medical help or reach out to suicide prevention helplines. Click below to access a list of suicide prevention helplines in India. 

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