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A society that acknowledges, accesses, and invests in mental health and well-being of self and others.


Our mission is to improve our community's understanding and acceptance of mental health and wellbeing.


  • Promote awareness about mental health for individuals through psycho-education, workshops, and interactive sessions

  • Provide inclusive, affirmative and safe individual counseling sessions.

  • Work towards de-stigmatization of mental health and sensitize individuals about the role mental health plays in our lives. 

  • Make available professional help resources for accessibility and affordability. 

  • Build a non-judgmental, safe and supportive environment for people to exercise expression and communication. 

  • Create opportunities and encourage learning for people in the field of mental health and psychology.

  • Keep ethical mental health practices as our priority


Limelighting Life Collective is a mental health organization based in New Delhi. We aspire to bring mental health into the 'limelight' and normalize it as an important part of every individual's life. As enthusiastic mental health professionals, we aim at building a collective of people from different walks of life. Our main work involves design and facilitation of mental health programs, group interventions, workshops and psychology programs. Our services extend to schools, colleges, workplaces and psychology students. Another major area of our work is awareness and advocacy of mental health and psychology. We are determined to work towards stigma reduction, encouragement of help seeking behaviors and fostering emotional well-being while keeping ethical mental health practices as our priority.



Limelighting Life

A lamp has always been viewed as a glorious guiding force in one’s life. Remember the numerous stories you’ve grown up with about striving towards excellence in the presence of a simple lamp post? We have a similar analogy, the light emanating from this lamp marks the beginning of a movement of bringing mental health to the forefront. Light here is symbolic of our awareness about the same. An emphasis on the colour lime green is to strike a chord with the mental health awareness movement. We begin our endeavour with something small, to stir conversations with you about things that matter and need to be heard. In November 2021, we changed our logo which depicts three colors representing our founders and the organisation mascot. 


We started as an Instagram page in March 2019. As freshers enrolled in a master’s program, we were buzzing with ideas but felt the absence of an outlet for creative expression. Keeping the ethical principles and boundaries in mind, we focused on mental health awareness drawing majorly from our own experiences. During the last one and a half years, we have tried to create an open space to have conversations about mental health and build a community of sorts. As psychologists in training, we were also invited to facilitate a workshop session for a psychology internship program organized by Youth for Mental Health in December, 2019. 

Today, as counselling psychologists we wish to combine our subject related knowledge and experiences gained from our journey towards a more formalized approach.  In September 2020, we registered Limelighting Life Collective under Section 2(68) of Companies Act, 2013. As a mental health organisation, we hope to collaborate with individuals from varied disciplines and perspectives to make our journey more inclusive, holistic and valuable.

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