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Founder, CEO & Counseling Psychologist

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Radhika Goel

Radhika is a counseling psychologist and Movement Therapy Facilitator. Radhika has completed her Bachelors in Psychology (Hons) from Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi & Masters in Counseling Psychology from Amity University, Noida. 

Radhika specializes in counseling and works with issues regarding identity and self, anxiety, grief and loss, stress management, career-workplace concerns and life transitions. She works with groups and individuals, both. Her practice is driven by a collaborative, mindfulness based, socio-political and feminist approach addressing concerns from a psychological as well as a social lens. She is also trained by Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CIMTAI) to work with mind-body connection and movement expression among other aspects, as a part of her Dance Movement Therapy Facilitator training.  

Radhika is the Founder CEO of a Delhi based mental health organization, Limelighting Life Collective, where she has been successfully designing and facilitating mental health programs, group interventions, workshops and psychology programs for aspiring psychologists, educational institutions and workplaces across India. 

Radhika is also a consultant counseling psychologist at AnamkaaRuh Therapy Care & Counseling.

Radhika has worked with a non-profit organization, Light Up - Emotions Matter Foundation, as a senior fellow and mentor under Project Phoenix. She has worked there in the capacity of a socio-emotional learning (SEL) teacher at a Child Care Institution (CCI Home) for 3 years.

Radhika is also a certified Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper, trained by National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) & Suicide Prevention India Foundation (SPIF). She has gained experience interning at several organizations which have contributed to her expertise such as Udayan Care, Action for Autism, VIMHANS, Centre for Child and Adolescent Well-Being, and Mental Health Foundation (India). Further, she has keen interest and experience in research work and has been a part of several published papers. She also advocates intersectional feminism and queer affirmative mental health practices by constantly engaging herself in discussions, courses and workshops. She strives to work in the preventive space and build a community where individuals engage in mental health conversations and practices.

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