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Workplace Well-Being

We at Limelighting Life understand that a happy and healthy workforce is the backbone of any effective organization. We aim at enhancing workplace wellbeing across India by providing comprehensive mental health services tailored to your unique needs.

Why Invest in Workplace Wellbeing?

  • Enhance Employee Morale: When employees feel valued and cared for, their job satisfaction soars. 

  • Improve Organizational Performance: A mentally resilient workforce can overcome challenges and adapt to changes more effectively. 

  • Boost Employee Productivity: A mentally healthy workforce is a more engaged and motivated one. 

  • Foster Innovation & Creativity: A supportive work environment encourages innovative thinking. 

What We Offer

  • Interactive Workshops: Our workshops cover a range of topics, from stress management, work-life balance, burnout, boundaries at workplace to social-emotional wellbeing at work.

  • Creative Arts Workshops: Dance movement therapy and art-based interventions & workshops for stress release, team building, self care, self compassion, leadership, creativity, group awareness, emotional expression and many more. 

  • Sensitization Workshops: Awareness and sensitizing the employees of different workplaces regarding mental health, Inclusion & Diversity at Workplace (Gender & Identity, Neurodiversity, Disabilities, preventing discrimination) and bullying prevention. Foster a workplace culture that prioritizes diversity and equality. Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to create an environment where everyone feels safe and valued.

  • Group Interventions: Long term group work with employees to work on certain specific concerns faced at the workplace. 

  • Confidential Employee Support: Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential counseling to employees, ensuring they have a safe space to address personal or work-related challenges.

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Join Us in Prioritizing Workplace Wellbeing

Let's work together to create a thriving workplace where mental health is a priority. The programs are tailor-made according to the need of the organization.

For collaborations, you can reach out to us at

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